Vision & Values

Excellence is OSCA

At OSCA our key values are:

Excellence through Opportunity

By opportunity we mean that everyone

  • develops confidence through participation in a wide range of activities within and beyond the curriculum and through enrichment
  • is enabled to grow as an individual through tailored support, advice and guidance
  • has access to a broad and balanced curriculum and takes pride in the quality of their work, making excellent progress
  • considers their own strengths and sets personal goals for improvement
  • pursues individual interests in a manner which broadens horizons and develops cultural capital
Excellence through Scholarship

By scholarship we mean that everyone

  • rises to challenges, pushes themselves to achieve in all they do and to be the best version of themselves
  • as a learner takes pride in producing in depth academic work of the highest quality
  • sets the highest standards and expectations of themselves and others all day every day
  • makes excellent use of all opportunities and experiences
  • is a team player but can confidently learn independently to achieve
Excellence through Compassion
  • By compassion we mean that everyone
  • shows empathy and kindness to all in our OSCA family and beyond in our community
  • is willing to support, feels supported and puts mental well-being at the heart of all we do
  • is always caring and respectful of and to others with a strong commitment to do what is right
  • is always tolerant and accepting of different people, points of views and beliefs
  • shows respect for our academy environment, our wider community and society
Excellence through Aspiration
  • By aspiration we mean that everyone
  • aspires to be the best learner and the best person they can be, embracing challenges along the way
  • is driven to achieve, aims high and dreams big, encouraging others to do the same
  • is resilient in pursuit of expert knowledge and success
  • is ambitious, motivated with an infectious desire to excel
  • has the expectation of being a lifelong learner, and helps to foster this culture in peers and colleagues

These values underpin the relationships, practices and ethos of our academy. They are also the backbone of our SMSC, PSHE, SRE and Learning for Success curriculum.

These values are constantly shared and referred to across the academy as we feel they encapsulate all the qualities our young people need to be happy and successful.