Introduction to the Team:

Mr Qamar – Senior Leader for Maths
Mrs Treble – Lead Practitioner for Maths
Mrs Ashunombi – Assistant Curriculum Leader (KS4)
Miss Baggott – Assistant Curriculum Leader (KS3)
Mr Thompson – Teacher of Mathematics
Miss Brown – Teacher of Mathematics
Miss Masih – Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Edwards – Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Bajwa – Teacher of Mathematics

Subject Aims/Intent:

To work collaboratively, and with a common vision that complements that of the academy’s, which enables it’s team members to make a positive contribution to the life chances within Mathematics and beyond for every student within our community. We operate as an all-supportive team, and work in close harmony with each other.

Subject Implementation:
We are guided by four underlying principles:

• high expectations for every child
• depth before breadth
• number sense and place value come first
• problem solving at the heart

We focus on fewer key concepts in each term, focussing on depth, and students demonstrate progress by making connections between representations, and applying them with and beyond the curriculum. Teachers find that spending longer on each topic enables them to really think and talk about the mathematics they are teaching. The curriculum is cumulative. We sequence the concepts and methods so that previously learnt ideas can be connected to new learning, supporting students in understanding the coherent and connected nature of the subject, and ensuring they consolidate learning by continually using and applying it in a variety of contexts.


Please see blended learning documents for more detailed descriptions of what content is taught when. This is a new curriculum that is being updated every term, so please bear this in mind in there are currently any future gaps.


KS3-Autumn/spring/ summer assessments
KS4- Autumn/spring/ summer mocks
DIRT task- end of topics


Hegarty maths – once per week
Mathswatch – practice paper
Hegarty Maths

The No1 maths interactive website used in the UK. It allows us to set and monitor homework tasks at several differentiated levels. This has been of paramount importance as a resource used for setting and monitoring homework, (even more so during lockdown). It also enables our students to become independent learners, and take a greater level of responsibility for their own learning, and for parents to be able to play their part, and to track progress. All of team maths use this resource with every class that they teach.


This website has topic help videos with several practise questions. Videos are excellent quality, and there are interactive diagnostic questions tagged to each topic, with instant marking. The resource enables independent learning, and thereby places a greater emphasis on students to take a greater level of responsibility for their own learning, and enables our parents to play their part in monitoring the progress of their learners. It also enables our GCSE students to use the 6 week revision programme that has proved extremely invaluable and popular over the years. Copies of these schedules can be found in the Knowledge Organiser Maths section.

Extra- Curricular, Curriculum experiences:
Chess club
Homework club
Year 11 intervention
Breakfast- exam revision