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Year 8 Learning Pathways

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy believes in offering all students a broad curriculum that provides access towards further education and a wide choice of career opportunities. We offer a three year key stage 4 curriculum to give students a longer time on their Key Stage 4 examination courses and we firmly believe that this will further enhance students’ learning, progress and achievement.

Students have been allocated one of three Pathways, Aspire, Advance or Achieve, based on data from the end of Key stage 2, and current academic performance here at OSCA.

Deciding which subjects to study is an important and exciting part of being in Year 8, the choices you make will help you fulfil your future plans and aspirations. It is also necessary to recognise that things can change and studying a balanced key stage 4 curriculum between the ages of fourteen and sixteen can lead to many different routes a few years later.

Getting your pathway right is really important and so our aim is that all students and their parents should be provided with enough information to make informed choices about their future.

The Guides below are the key source of information for each pathway, but the Options Evening on Tuesday 4th April gives you the chance to speak to subject teachers and ask your questions to find out more.

Personalised advice and guidance will be provided by Form Tutors and others; please do not hesitate to con­­tact your child’s form tutor, Head of House or myself by email or via the school office if you have any queries or feel you need some help in making final choices.

Once you have reached a decision, the completed option form should be returned to the Student Hub by Tuesday 2nd  May.

We will then start work on constructing the timetable for next year. It may be necessary for some students to make alternative choices as some subject combinations may prove to be impossible to timetable or some class sizes may be too small to run. If this does happen we will endeavour to explain the issues and the alternatives with the student promptly and give them the opportunity to discuss and make a new choice.

We continually look to develop our key stage 4 curriculum so that it achieves a balance between core subjects for all and a variety of pathways to meet the needs and interests of individuals.

The main message during the Pathways process is that if you have any questions or queries ask, so that you are able to make an informed decision.

If you wish to receive any further information on Our Curriculum, and in particular the Year 8 Pathways process, please contact Mrs Gaynor Garner, at gaynor.garner@ormistonsandwell.org.uk

Pathways Booklet 2019 - Aspire
Pathways Booklet 2019 - Advance
Pathways Booklet 2019 - Achieve
Year 8 Learning Pathways Assembly