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Visitors - Advice & Guidance

The academy assures all visitors a warm, friendly and professional welcome, whatever the purpose of their visit.

The academy has a legal duty of care for the health, safety, security and wellbeing of all students and staff. This duty of care incorporates the duty to safeguard all students from subjection to any form of harm, abuse or nuisance. It is the responsibility of the academy to ensure that this duty is uncompromised at all times, including by any visitors to the academy – including any parents/guardians.

OSCA seeks to ensure that staff are aware that visitors, including parent/guardians can make an important contribution to the life and work of the academy.

Parents/Guardians are asked to make appointments to see a member of staff. This can be via telephone, e mail or reception. Members of staff will be involved with students, completing duties or teaching during the day so may not be able to see anyone without an appointment.

Any visitor to the academy may be asked to bring formal identification with them at the time of their visit. All visitors must follow the procedure below:

Once on site, all visitors must report to the main entrance reception before moving about the academy site. No visitor is permitted to enter the academy via any other entrance under any circumstances.

At reception, all visitors must state the purpose of their visit and who has invited them/who they have an appointment with. They should be ready to produce formal identification upon request.

All external visitors will be asked to sign the visitors record book which is kept in reception at all times. This record includes:

  • Visitors name
  • Organisation (if relevant)
  • Who they are visiting
  • Time of arrival
  • Car registration (if the visitor is parked on site)
  • Visitor badge number (if applicable)

All external visitors will be required to wear an identification badge – the badge must remain visible throughout their visit. Some visitors may also be required to wear any official identification i.e. Ofsted inspectors ID etc.

External Visitors must be given information about fire safety evacuation and child protection procedures and should read these prior to going into the academy. All visitors working with students must be made aware of the academy’s confidentiality policy. Visitors’ should be informed of gate closing times and ICT resources before they visit.

All visitors must comply with the academy code of conduct and all other policies

Visitors are advised that the academy is a non-smoking area and smoking is not permitted anywhere within academy grounds.

Visitors to classes for specific purposes of contribution to topics are to be encouraged and welcomed. In arranging such visits, teachers should consult with the principal prior to finalising arrangements, the principal must grant permission of any visitor who will be working with students or within the classroom before the activity can commence. Teachers should try to ensure that the visit causes minimum class and academy disruption.

Visitors need to provide advance notice of any resources they may want to use so that teachers can check the suitability of the materials.

Visiting Speakers Procedure:

  • All visiting speakers to have a nominated point of contact at the academy (the Organiser)
  • Submitting a proposal form for authorisation for the speaker in advance of the visit, and allowing enough time to view any supportive materials prior to the visit.
  • Conducting research on the person and organisation to establish whether they have demonstrated extreme views/actions.
  • Maintaining a formal register of all visiting speakers
  • Ensuring visiting speakers are accompanied at all times and are not left unsupervised with students at any point.

In this way OSCA can ensure visiting speakers can make valuable and balanced contributions to students learning’