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Character Curriculum

At OSCA we are committed, through our character education curriculum, to building up and developing our young people to be well-rounded, articulate and confident individuals. It is our ambition that our pupils are reflective and adaptable in an ever changing society, becoming respectful adults who will continue to celebrate diversity and lead a happy life, guided by their strong moral core.

The curriculum is underpinned by four virtues:

Intellectual virtues: How you think, How you learn, How to opine, Being curious, Being creative, Being inquisitive, Gaining knowledge

Civic virtues: How you behave in society ,How you are viewed as a citizen, Being charitable, Being considerate, Understanding your place in society, Understanding your community, Understanding the world around you

Moral virtues: Developing a moral compass, Exploring emotional responses, Developing empathy, Building a set of values and morals, Becoming tolerant and acceptant, Exploring global issues.

Performance virtues: How you present yourself, How you behave, How you present, How you speak, How you communicate, How you are perceived

Through a range of tasks, activities, discussions and learning opportunities students will have the chance to explore a range if issues, ideas and topics. Students will also develop those key skills and qualities to make them successful in life and in their future career.