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Student Voice

Why is this important and how does it link to our values? 

In this Academy we believe that students are the most important members of our community and therefore it is vital to us that they have opportunities to express their views.

For the past few years students, supported by staff, have worked extremely hard to build a Student Voice model that works for them.

At OSCA Student Voice is not simply a platform for ensuring students’ opinions are heard and respected, although that is important, we also aim to develop leadership qualities within our students.

Student Leadership has a number of strands, each with a specific purpose and remit. These strands are made up of a select group of students and are led by Student Leaders. Student Voice is driven by the Student Academy Leadership Team that mirrors the Leadership structure of the Academy and is made up of representatives of the school’s Student Leaders, including the Head Boy and Head Girl, House Council Chair, Chair of the Sports Council (Storm)and the Chair of the PAPA Council.

How does it work? Key information/structure 

Student Group 


Membership and leadership selection 


Frequency of meetings 

Student Lead 

Staff Lead 


Senior position within the Academy, Prefects represent the Staff and Students, embodying all that is good/outstanding at OSCA. 

Y11 only.  

HB & HG nominated by Staff, and selected via Application and interview process.  

HB and HG select prefect team – checked by SLT against progress, behaviour and attendance data  

Approx. 60  


Head Boy and Head Girls 

Mr K Ahmed 

House Councils 

Mixed aged/Genders 

Tutor groups to vote on Students who have nominated themselves for the role as House Ambassadors. 

Elections are held every two years. We may have by-elections to replace members throughout any given year. 

 Approx. 15 


Chair of House Council 

Mr K Ahmed 

Eco – Council  

Students selected to support environmental issues and concerns around the academy.  

Application process. Students in years 7 – 10 are eligible to apply  

Approx. 15 students  


Chair of the Eco Group 

Miss E Perry 


Restorative Council  



The aim of this group is to offer support to students and staff during break and lunch, by upholding the rules and expectations of the academy.  

Application process. This role is offered to students in years 9-11 

Approx. 10 students  

Weekly during L4S time  

Chairperson of the group 

Mr K Ahmed 

PAPA Council 

To represent and promote PAPA. The group will be responsible for organising events and performances liaising with staff regarding curriculum feedback in PAPA. 

Open to all. Selection via Application and interview process.  


Structure of Subject ambassadors and Year representatives 

Approx. 10 students 


Chairperson of the group 

Miss B Ball 

French Ambassadors  

To provide support and run clubs in our MFL department supporting international days.  

Voting in class. This is offered to students in years 7-9  

Approx. 20 students 




Miss C Maloney 





Voting during PE lessons. Open to all students in the academy 

Approx. 20 students 



Miss J McKinney 


CAAT Council  




Years 7-9  

Approx. 10 students 


Chairperson of the group 

Mrs D McKenzie 

What do I need to do? How can I find out more?

Please refer to our website or contact the member of staff who leads each group to find out further information.