Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Head Boy & Girl and Prefects


 Leke Head Boy

Head Boy

Hello my name is Leke and I am grateful to be the Head Boy. I am a student who strives for greatness and my time at OSCA has helped me to improve myself academically so I can be able to achieve this dream. As Head Boy I aim to help my fellow peers to achieve their dreams while being able to build new friendships, I can achieve this by being a good role model to my peers. This school has given me the honour to help on the next steps on its journey to excellence. With the aid of the prefect team and I believe that we can go above and beyond at OSCA.




Prabhjot   Head Girl

Head Girl

Hi, my name is Prabhjot and I am very excited to be the new Head Girl for my last year at OSCA. During my time, so far at the academy, I have come a long way as an individual when it comes to self-confidence and leadership skills, but have also developed a wider understanding of what it takes to be part of a team representing our school together. As Head Girl, I will continue to persevere in my encouragement for others to reach the full potential they can. The academy has offered me many opportunities in the past, and it is now an honour to give something back, together with the help of the senior and prefect teams.



Deputy Head boys: Jon & Paramveer
Deputy Head Girls: Rhea & Katie

Senior Prefects: