Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

About OSCA Sixth

We offer a variety of courses at predominately level 3. These include AS/ A2 and BTEC qualifications as OSCA Sixthwell as a wide range of enrichment courses. Extensive support is given to students to ensure that they can successfully take the ‘next steps’ in their career.

OSCA Sixth:

• Provides a range of high quality academic and vocational courses giving students pathways for progression

• Achieves and sustains high academic standards and enables all students to reach their full potential

• Provides opportunities that engage and challenge students developing them as independent thinkers and promoting lifelong learning

• Empowers students and encourages them to fully participate in the life of the School and contribute to its leadership

• Allows students individual freedom and responsibilities in order to prepare them for their time in Further Education, in employment or training

• Works collaboratively with other establishments (George Salter Academy) to ensure students have access to their full entitlement


Pastoral Support

OSCA Sixth students receive personalised and tailored support throughout their time in key stage 5. Students attend L4S sessions every day and follow a learning 4 Success programme specific to their needs. They are ably supported by a team of tutors and overseen paAboutOscaSixthstorally by a Senior Tutor. All students in Key stage 5 belong to OSCA’s fifth house group – Elgar.

We ask students to consider the uniform expectations of the other students and dress code of adults working in the building when choosing what to wear to OSCA Sixth and to remember that their choice of dress impacts upon the overall impression of OSCA in the local community.

Points of Contact for OSCA Sixth:

M Wagstaff  - Senior Leader/Progress Director for KS4 and KS5

S Ali – Senior Tutor Elgar

J Yates – OSCA Sixth Admin Support