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Safeguarding incidents

We regularly receive incident reports from Sandwell Childrens Trust regarding incidents in the local area. These alerts are sent to all Sandwell schools and academies. 
Tuesday 30th March 2021 Oldbury Area: at 3.10pm, near Q3 Academy Langley, a male followed a student home after school. Description: white male, tall, slim build, bald with a beard and wearing a grey hoodie and joggers. The Police have been notified.
Wednesday 31st March 2021 Oldbury Area: at aapproximately 2.45pm, a Year 7 student was followed along Eva Road, Oldbury into Pinkney Place. A male got out of a vehicle and followed the student, who ran and the male ran after her. The student managed to safely get to her mother. The Police have been notified.
Wednesday 31st March 2021 Tipton Area: at approximately 4pm, by Tipton Train Station, Owen Street, a female began shouting at a Year 9 student, telling him to get in the van (blue) and to go home with her. Two men were also seen to be in the van. The Police have been notified.


Friday 23rd April 2021 Smethwick Area: at approximately 8.10am. A student was approached by two males in a blue “jeep type” car on Greenfield Road. They whistled and shouted at the student. The student started to panic but managed to get to her phone and pretended to call someone and they drove off. The student saw the males again, 15 minutes later, when walking past West Smethwick Park but there were other students about and the car did not stop. Description: two Asian males wearing hi vis jackets. The Police have been notified.

Monday 26th April 2021 Smethwick Area:
  A student was approached, on the way to school, by a male who said: “I like you, can I have your phone number?". Description: Asian male, dressed in a DPD uniform. The Police have been notified.

Monday 26th April 2021 Smethwick Area: at approximately 7.30am. A Year 6 pupil was followed when he left home (Reginald Road towards Bearwood Road, Smethwick) to go to school. The pupil saw two men in a white van wearing clown masks. The van followed the pupil slowly down the road for a few minutes. The pupil ran into a local shop on Bearwood Road and hid there for a while. The police have been notified.
Tuesday 27th April 2021 Tividale Area: at approximately 1.45pm, a student was walking past the entry to Tividale Park and was approached by a male. The male asked the student some inappropriate questions and the student walked away. Description: white male, aged 19-20, brown/blonde hair, with a beard, and wearing a grey tracksuit with hood up. The police have been notified.

Friday 30th April 2021 West Bromwich Area: A report has been received that a student saw a group of men arguing. The student and her friends decided to run away, and the men walked fast behind. The student says it is the same men who had chased another child. Description: Three males, one was wearing a grey tracksuit, had facial stubble, in his late 20s and approximately 5’11”. The second was wearing a black tracksuit, in his early 30s and approximately 5’10” and the third was wearing black jeans, in his early-mid 30s and approximately 5’11”. The police have been notified.

Monday 24 May 2021 Oldbury Area: at 3.10pm a car pulled over, by Causeway Green Road, and asked a girl where “Pound Road School was”. She told him, but the car turned into Ashes Road and not Pound Road, and then 10 students came running out saying the man was going to stab them.
Description: white male, mid-30’s, with brown hair and wearing a white cap. The car was described as a blue Peugeot. The students and the member of the public notified the police.
Monday 7th June 2021 Tipton Area: A report has been received that a Year 9 student, on her way to school, was approached by a white male in a white Transit type van. The male tried to engage in conversation, but the student felt uncomfortable and ran off into school. The police have been notified.