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Reward & Recognition


Reward and recognition – How does it work?

We  have created our very own ‘House Achievements’ points system to recognise and reward students here at OSCA. We want our students to embody the ethos and values that are core to the academy’s beliefs.

In consultation with our students, we have created a visual and interactive way for students and staff to see the progress of their house’s performance via the token collector. This is done by students receiving tokens for their efforts and adding those in to their house bank (token collector)

Alongside this, we celebrate the success of our students via weekly tutor and House assemblies – where prizes, certificates and house achievements are shared. In conjunction with house achievements points, the winning house receive the House Cup at the end of the academic year.

Awards assemblies and evening ceremonies take place every term and at the end of the academic year, respectively, to recognise the successes and achievements of students here at OSCA.

Many students, past and present, have enjoyed celebrating achievements for the previous term by reward trips. Trips range from ice skating to theme parks (STC). Students who are eligible to attend reward trips have to meet a set criteria and exhibit the values, expectations and ethos of OSCA. Student who miss out, have the opportunity to try again the next term, thus encouraging healthy competition and opportunity.

Students at OSCA will also be rewarded in the follow ways:

  • Verbal praise and encouragement where appropriate
  • Displaying students work
  • Positive comments or praise in exercise books/sketch book etc
  • Phone call/text and email messages sent home
  • Positive postcards for excellent attainment/progress in both academic and pastoral studies
  • Receiving house achievement points in and outside the classroom
  • Receiving house achievement points for extra-curricular activities
  • House achievement for nomination for student of the week per house.
  • Nominated for achievement assemblies at the end of each term by form tutors/subject teachers
  • OSCA reward for ½ termly attendance over 98%
  • Termly reward trips for attendance, behaviour and punctuality.
  • Certificates/awards at presentation evening and annual OSCA awards.