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What is the ethos and values of this house? Link to school values

Picasso house has an excellent ethos that breeds success in education. We believe in pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and being forward thinking to ensure that we always aim high and reach our potential.

Picasso house are a team, and we look after each other along every step of the way, ensuring that we are all happy, valued and supported both in and around the academy. We are inclusive of all, and encourage everyone to take part, despite any personal differences, so that we can all thrive during our time at OSCA. 

History behind the house - who is Picasso – and why is he a good role model?

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish born artist who spent most of his adult life in France. He is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. He explored and developed a wide variety of styles in his work, and he is probably most well known for being a pioneer of cubism – an early 20th century avant-garde movement.

Pablo Picasso is an excellent role model for students of all ages. From him we can learn how to be forward thinking, and to take chances in life that allow us to push ourselves past what is now the ‘ordinary’ so that we can reach excellence.

What are the key expectations of students in – Picasso house?

 Students in Picasso house are expected to arrive at the Academy on time every day, with the correct equipment, and to be ready for their studies.

Students are expected to wear the correct uniform every day, and to take pride in their appearance as this demonstrates their attitude towards learning.

Picasso students are expected to work hard in class. By this we mean that they should remain focused on the tasks set by staff members, while avoiding distractions for the duration of the lesson.

Students are expected to push their selves out of their comfort zone by developing the confidence to speak out and ask questions within both lessons and house assemblies.

Picasso students are expected to be honest at all times, as well as making ‘good choices’ before acting.

How you can contribute to the ethos, values and success of Picasso house.


  • Pupils contribute to the Ethos of Picasso house by ensuring that they work to the best of their ability within all lessons, making the ‘good choices’ that allow both their selves and others to reach their potential.
  • Picasso students look after one another and help their peers when they need it.
  • Picasso students are expected to be honest at all times. Honesty will always be treated with respect and is a key trait of Picasso students.
  • Picasso students are expected to maintain the highest level of both attendance and punctuality, coming into school on time every day, as well as moving between lessons with haste.
  • Picasso students are expected to look after the Academy environment. They do not drop litter or behave in a way that could damage the Academy property. They also report anything that they may accidentally damaged so that the damage can be repaired in a timely manner so that students can enjoy a safe and secure school environment.
  • Picasso students get involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, and represent the house during inter house competitions.