Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy


Labour Market Projections:

What are the current Sandwell employment trends and future employment projections? What does the West Midlands and national picture of employability growth and projected job openings look like?

Labour Market Projections information sheet

Gatsby Benchmarks 

CEIAG - Provider Access Careers Policy

College and 6th Form Open Events

Lead for CEIAG:
Charlie Cooper charlie.cooper@ormistonsandwell.org.uk

Connexions advisor:
Lee Groucott lee.groucott@ormistonsandwell.org.uk

Work Experience Coordinator:
Julie Yates julie.yates@ormistonsandwell.org.uk

All information regarding the OSCA 2018-19 CEIAG programme can be found in the Provider Access Careers Policy - to be reviewed January 2019.

OSCA fulfills the Gatsby Benchmarks, as outlined in the Gatsby Benchmarks linked document.

Employers wishing to enquire about future partnerships please contact the Lead for CEIAG.

OSCA works in partnership with SIPS Education https://sipseducation.co.uk/services/education-business-partnership/

OSCA is a recognised Gold Standard Quality Award provider for CEIAG - to be reviewed in 2019