Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy



We take attendance and its link to attainment very seriously at Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy and expect all students to be reaching an attendance target of at least 98%.

It is a Parents/Carers responsibility to ensure their child attends the Academy regularly and on time.  Whilst we appreciate that sometimes absence is unavoidable, due to illness, any medical appointments or holidays taken during term time will impact on your child’s attendance and in turn their attainment.  It is proven that attainment is connected to good attendance, missing crucial time at the Academy could have an impact on any exams that your child may be taking, remember that one day’s absence is 5 lessons missed, one week’s absence is 25 lessons missed.  This is valuable learning time that cannot be given back.  Your child misses out every time they are absent from the Academy, so consider this and make medical or dental appointments outside of Academy hours where possible. A change to regulations effective from 1st September 2013 means that students cannot be granted leave of absence during term time.

Please see our absence page for more details.



The Academy day starts at 8.35am for registration and students are expected to attend everyday on time.  

Any amount of minutes late to the Academy add up to learning time lost and therefore students are issued with a 20 minute lunchtime detention EVERY TIME they arrive late to the Academy.

Attendance Service

The Academy works in partnership with the Attendance Service to ensure regular attendance from all of its students and to assist and support students and their families.  If your child is not attending the Academy regularly, the absence has not been authorised by the Academy and there has been no improvement following the Academy’s attempts to get an improvement, an Attendance & Prosecution Officer may visit you.  This may result in legal action being taken.