Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Principal's Letter to Parents - Easter 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian

As we approach the end of another highly successful term here at OSCA, I am writing to share a few of the highlights of the term with you, and to confirm end of term arrangements.

Firstly, our work as a National Support School has gone from strength to strength, with a myriad of best practice events led by our teams. I am so proud that the standard of education we now offer at OSCA is so good, that the Department for Education want us to share this excellent practice to support other schools.  In addition to my work as a National Leader for Education, we now have ELEVEN Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), working across the borough and nationally at OAT academies, sharing our best practice with them. What an accolade for Team OSCA, our students and our community!  I know we will learn lots from the support work we do, and bring the best of what we see back to further strengthen practice at OSCA too, as we march on on our journey to outstanding.

Secondly, the OSCA show was once again a total triumph this year. The students, led by Team PAPA, captivated audiences with their Beauty and the Beast production, taking us on a journey of talking teacups, teapots and magical objects. It is so impressive to think that the whole production was student run, including backstage, lighting, and sound, as well as the magical performances. It really was our brightest, biggest, best, and most professional production yet. I felt like I had spent the night at an actual West End Theatre show. Simply stunning!

I am delighted to once again share with you the fantastic news that we are full and over subscribed for the fifth consecutive year, and now in every single year group!  Don't forget, four years ago only 140 pupils wanted to come to OSCA, this year, over 350 applied, and we will have 210, all of them first choices!  We also have a long waiting list of students who were not able to secure a place.  This is a reflection, of course, of all the superb work we have been doing on raising standards here over the past five years.  It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff and students - all with your superb support, of course.  As standards have risen, so too our reputation has justly improved, and our aspirations continue to rise too.

Another highlight for me was the academy once again winning two awards at the prestigious Annual OAT Awards Ceremony.  Yet another fantastic accolade for the team.  Only eight awards are given out in total nationally, with staff and students from over thirty academies eligible, and team OSCA won two!  Miss Cooper won the National Securing Futures award for her and Team Pastoral’s work on improving attendance within OSCA, and at many other schools locally and nationally as part of her SLE work. That night was another where I was bursting with pride of course, as one of our year 11 students, Michelle Owusu, won the National Sporting Champion Award too! 

For more information on these, and many other highlights, do keep a regular check on our website, Facebook page, Twitter feed etc.

As we continue to march on, on our journey to becoming outstanding, we are keeping our eye on the day job too, and never forget the basics.  Standards continue to rise this year in every area of academy life - teaching and learning, behaviour and safety, and progress and achievement in particular.  We continue to be the highest performing school in the whole borough for attendance, and indeed one of the highest in the whole of the country!  This matters so much of course, given the proven link between high attendance and high achievement and progress.

Alongside all our hard work, we’ve managed to have some fun too of course!  I really can't thank staff enough for some of the incredible opportunities on offer to our students, and for the time and energy they devote to this, above and beyond the day job.  Please see the link newsletter here, which highlights just a few of the many enrichment activities students have taken part in. Again, do check out our website for lots more information and photos of events we have participated in.  Take a moment if you can to catch up with our weekly Newscast too, where students film and produce their own weekly report on academy events - it's always very informative. 

The academy will close for students at 12pm on Thursday 29th March for the Easter break.  The new term will start again for students on Tuesday 17th April, 8.30am sharp! 

So, thank you once again for the excellent support you provide us as parents and guardians, I know you know how important that partnership is for success.  I hope you all have a great Easter, and a happy and relaxing few weeks.  I look forward to welcoming all the students back at the in April, refreshed and ready for the rigours of next term!

Best wishes

Marie McMahon
Executive Principal