Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Parent Pay & Cashless Catering

Did You Know?

Paying for Meals Online:

The easiest way to top up and monitor your child’s school meal account is via ParentPay , our new online payment system.  If you have not received your login details, please contact the Academy Finance Department for your activation paperwork. 

Using parent pay enables you to transfer money electronically onto your child’s school meal account without the worry of it being lost on the way into school or spent elsewhere.  Consequently, you have confidence that it gets spent on school meals as you intend.

The minimum payment is £10 so it’s best to top up your child’s account weekly.  This removes the need to find change to send money into school on a daily basis.  You can also set up alerts so that when your child’s balance drops below the limit you specify, you receive a text to remind you to top up your child’s account.  This means they will never miss lunch through having no money on their account.

You can also look at what food your child is purchasing on a daily basis.  This is accessed via the homepage of your account, by simply clicking on the view transaction history.

What about if I have no internet access?


If you do not have access to the internet to top up online, you can order a School Meal Paypoint card.  This enables you to transfer money onto your child’s school meal account at any local Paypoint shop.  It can take between 3-5 days to credit your account, so please ensure you top up in plenty of time.

Can I Control the daily spend?

You can contact the Academy and instruct us how much your child can spend each day.  We can set the overall daily spend limit and even set amounts for break and lunch if you require.

Emergency top ups:

If you do not have a parent pay account, and your child has run out of money on their account, it is possible to send money into the academy for your child to load onto their account.


Using parent pay, you can also pay for School Trips.  Any trips relevant to your child will show on your home page, where a copy of the letter can be seen.  For all online payments, you can also submit your consent for your child to attend the trip online.  This means, the only form you will need to send back will be the medical form.

 If you cannot pay online, a copy of the trip letter will be sent home.  Each letter contains a barcode.  To pay, take this letter along to your local paypoint facility, the shop will scan the letter and take your payment.  Please ensure consent forms and medical forms are returned to school, along with a copy of the paypoint receipt.


If you have any more questions regarding the above you can either go to:

www.parentpay.com, and click on parents FAQ’s

Or call the Academy Finance Department