Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ofsted Report - OSCA is a GOOD school!

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am delighted to alert you that our Ofsted report has been published today.  And the brilliant news is: it’s official…OSCA is a good school!  I am absolutely delighted that all of our hard work and determination to raise standards have been recognised in this excellent judgement. The full report is available for you to read in the the link below.  However, I just wanted to pick out some of the highlights for me.  These include:


  • The behaviour of students is good, both in lessons and during social times
  • Students are universally polite and helpful.  They mirror the courtesy and respect that staff show to them.  Their conduct at social times is orderly and responsible and they respect the academy’s facilities
  • Students feel safe and the academy provides a safe and secure environment in which they can work.  Their positive attitudes to learning and good relationships mean that they participate well in lessons
  • Students explained to inspectors that the academy has helped them to develop mature attitudes and take responsibility for their own actions.  They understand how the clear rules in the academy… prepare them for the rule of law in adult life
  • The academy uses lessons, assemblies and form time well to develop students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.  As a result, they are well prepared for life in modern Britain
  • Attendance is now above average
  • The academy does not tolerate any form of discrimination.  As a result, students show good levels of respect for each other
  • Students say they feel very safe in the academy.


Teaching and learning:

  • The quality of teaching is good
  • Teachers’ good management of lessons ensures learning is effective and that students make good progress
  • Teachers plan carefully and ensure that the work challenges students to make good gains in their knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Rigorous checks on students’ learning, has rapidly improved the quality of teaching.  As a result, students’ progress has accelerated and is now good
  • Students gain skills, knowledge and understanding through challenging activities that engage their interest
  • Activities engage students’ interest well and they participate readily, putting forward their own views and listening to other students’ contributions
  • Students, including those in the sixth form, approach their learning with commitment.  They collaborate effectively in lessons


  • Leadership and management are good
  • Senior leaders set high expectations for behaviour and for academic attainment
  • Leaders have made considerable improvements since the last inspection in behaviour and teaching
  • High expectations of students’ behaviour and the quality of their work have generated a climate in which students are enthusiastic learners
  • Leaders have very successfully worked to improve behaviour, relationships between students and the quality of teaching
  • They have created an academy in which everyone values learning and celebrates success


Of course, we agree we are not yet outstanding - but we will be soon!  We agree that we need to iron out a few inconsistencies in some areas, and to continue to improve the 6th form - but these actions are already well underway.  Furthermore, the progress we have made since the last inspection, just 2 years ago, is phenomenal.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘well done’ to all of our staff and students, and a massive ‘thank you’ to you as parents and guardians.  It is this partnership which has enabled us to make rapid and significant improvements in every area of school life.  It is also this partnership which will ensure we keep raising the bar in terms of expectations and aspirations, as we move OSCA swiftly onto the next stage of its journey.  Outstanding, here we come!

Yours faithfully

Marie McMahon


Note:  If you would like a paper copy of the letter, please ask your child to let Reception know, and we will provide this for you.