Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Online Student Data Collection

At Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy we are proud to introduce our new online Data Collection module. The Data Collection Sheet wizard will enable you to submit changes to important details about your children to us here at OSCA. The Academy will review your submissions and then incorporate the updates into our database. You can use the Data Collection Sheet wizard to update student details, contacts, medical information, meals and dietary information, travel information and ethnicity.

After submitting a data collection sheet for a child, the Data Collection Sheet hyperlink disappears from the My Children Links panel for that child. The hyperlink will become available again when the Academy has incorporated the changes that you submitted into the database.

All this can be done via your SLG Parent Access login which you use to access information about your child.

If you would like a login account or have mislaid your current login details then please contact us at  studentrecords@ormistonsandwell.org.uk

Thanks for your continued support.