Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Letter to Parents - Uniform

Dear Parents/Carers,

Following on from our original announcement in April and our first uniform sale on Friday 3rd July, I wanted to write to remind you of the ways in which you can buy new / replacement uniform.

Our uniform provider is: Gogna School Wear & Sports.  They have a shop at:

 Gogna Schoolwear,
67/69 Rookery Road,

B21 9QU

We understand that this is a little further away than our previous supplier so we’ve asked for a number of alternative methods by which you can purchase:

  1. You can call through an order on 0121 523 5572.
  2. You can shop online at: www.gognaschoolwear.co.uk
  3. You can email them at: info@gognaschoolwear.co.uk

All orders can be posted directly to your home for a delivery charge of £3.

We understand that you may not want to travel to their shop or shop on-line.  As a result, we have arranged for 2 further uniform sales to happen at the academy.  These are as follows:

  1. Wednesday 29th July, 3pm – 6pm
  2. Thursday 30th July, 3pm – 6pm

A full range of uniform in all sizes will be available for your child to try on and take away on the day.

We are in the process of arranging other uniform sale days which will be advertised shortly.

If you require any assistance with buying new uniform, please contact us at: finance@ormistonsandwell.org.uk.

We can arrange for uniform orders to be placed with Gogna for you to collect the uniform from the academy at no cost.  We will also be holding a small stock of blazers and ties which can be bought directly from us in case of emergency.

A number of parents have been asking why we have changed supplier.  There are many benefits of using Gogna which I’ve summarised below:

  1. Cheaper prices than previous suppliers with bulk orders being at a discount
  2. A better quality product
  3. The ability to swap unworn uniform in original sale condition (i.e. with the labels still on) for a larger / smaller size
  4. A commitment from Gogna to them buying in and holding significant levels of our stock – previous suppliers have not held this which has made it very difficult to secure what you need.
  5. The possibility of having uniform delivered straight to your home
  6. They offer an interest free easy payment scheme where for a deposit of £20, you can secure what you need and pay in instalments over the holidays with the uniform being given to you on receipt of the final payment.

As part of moving to the new supplier, we have taken the decision to redesign our PE Kit.  The package consists of:

  1. Girls: 1 Polo shirt, 1 Sweatshirt hoody, 1 Pair shorts and 1 Pair sports socks
  2. Boys: 1 Polo shirt, 1 Rugby top, 1 Pair shorts and 1 Pair sports socks

Both packages are available for £35.  There is no need to move to the new PE kit straight away.  This is only compulsory for year 7 students and we anticipate a phased introduction for all other year groups as students grow out of their existing PE kit, and you buy new ones as you would normally. 

As in previous years, we provide a small loan stock in the academy for those students that currently do not have the correct uniform.  To help us provide this, we are happy to receive any donated uniform which no longer fits and is in good condition.  Please hand any such items into reception.

Please feel free to contact me directly at: sue.bowron@ormistonsandwell.org.uk should you have any queries or call me on the above number.

Yours faithfully,

Sue Bowron
Finance Director