Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Letter to Parents - Summer Exams 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We wanted to keep you appraised of our plans for exam revision for year 11 next week, and to reiterate the rationale for keeping students in lessons as long as practicable to maximise achievement. I appreciate that in responding to individual requests this week there has been some confusion, and so just wanted to clarify the situation.

It’s been a very demanding week of exams this week - unusually so for so early in the season.  The fact that we have raised the bar and now have many more students taking more rigorous GCSE exams is the right thing to do in terms of ensuring our students are able to compete with the best nationally.  However, it has thrown up some challenges of course as the demands on them increase during exam season.

I have had lots of conversations with students this week, and explained the importance of them still being in lessons where they haven’t yet sat the exam.  This is to ensure any last minute content, comprehension, coursework and exam technique updates can be covered by the specialist teacher.  I understand they face competing demands with exams which are more imminent, and keeping on top of subjects which are not quite so imminent.  I do understand the pressures on them, but can only repeat that staying in lessons for as long as possible is their best option in our view.  To supplement this, we have also organised ‘exam cram’ sessions on the day of exams, for those last minute reminders, tips and final points of revision.  Please see attached the draft programme for next week.   Additionally, as some subjects finish their final exam this week and next, we will provide a staffed, quiet revision area in the OSCA 6th block, where students can revise at their own pace for upcoming exams.  We will send out a programme for the following week before half term.

We fully appreciate that all students are different, and may have preferred revision styles.  However, the programme we have in place is typical of the majority of good schools now, and we believe is the best fit for the majority of students.  Should your child have any specific study requirements not covered in this letter, then please do discuss this with their HOH or AHOH, as they will have the overview of what’s still required in school.

Many thanks in advance for your continued support at this very demanding time for year 11 students. They have given of their very best all year, and I am confident they will get through this final hurdle with flying colours.  Please do contact us if you require any further information.


Yours faithfully

Marie McMahon