Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Letter to Parents - Exam Season Summer 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We wanted to keep you appraised of our plans for exam revision for year 11 after half term.

It continues to be a demanding week for students in terms of exams but we have looked at the timetable to see where we can ease the pressure for our students as we approach our study leave date of Friday 12th June.

For clarity we have colour coded the timetable to help students and yourselves know where they need to be during each lesson.

Green  signifies that lessons are continuing as normal and students should attend their normal                        lessons, with the usual teacher. Attendance at these is compulsory.

Pink     Signifies that students for the named subject have either an exam, or an exam cram                             revision sessions with a specialist teacher. Details of roomings are on the timetable.                             Attendance at these is compulsory.

Amber Signifies that some subjects will have completed and students can select whether to                            revise in the study area we have provided in the OSCA Sixth Common Room, or work                            from Home. Students choosing to work from home should sign in and out of the                                    academy at reception.

In addition there is also a later start for Students on Monday 1st June. Students should be in the academy for 9.35am in maths lessons, apart from those taking GCSE History that have an exam that morning.

We fully appreciate that all students are different, and may have preferred revision styles.  However, the programme we have in place is typical of the majority of good schools now, and we believe is the best fit for the majority of students.  Should your child have any specific study requirements not covered in this letter, then please do discuss this with their HOH or AHOH, as they will have the overview of what’s still required in school.

Many thanks in advance for your continued support at this very demanding time for year 11 students. They have given of their very best all year, and I am confident they will get through this final hurdle with flying colours.  Please do contact us if you require any further information.


Yours faithfully

Marie McMahon