Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Letter - New Homework System - Sept 2016

Dear Parent/ Carer,

Over the last few years we have tried several ways to improve the quality of homework set and completed, and also the way it is recorded and communicated with yourselves. Although feedback tells us this has improved, we are aware we still need to get better at this. Therefore, from September 2016 we are launching a new homework system for all students to help them become more independent learners, by allowing them to manage their time and resources themselves.

From next year students will no longer be issued with planners, as students have told us they don’t find them helpful. Instead they will receive an individual homework book for each of their subjects. Students will be responsible for bringing these books home on set days, completing their home work to a high standard, and returning them to their class teacher on an agreed day. We have asked class teachers to ensure that homework task are recorded clearly in the books, or that homework grids, similar to those used at primary schools, are stuck into the books.

We have in turn asked class teachers to ensure that homework is challenging and purposeful, and either reinforces and consolidates work from the classroom, or prepares students for new learning. We will also continue to distribute homework timetables to help students and yourselves to manage their independent learning. We will also continue to log all homework on the Parental Portal so that you can access a live calendar of homework’s set.  

Parents will be encouraged to continue their role in monitoring their child’s completion of homework. We ask you to ensure homework is completed on time and apply rewards and sanctions at home accordingly. We will notify you via text when homework has not been completed. However, we will also ensure that students who are completing their work at home are more consistently rewarded. Homework books and timetables will be sent home at the start of the new academic term in September.

We do welcome any feedback on this new system. This can either be communicated via your child’s form tutor or head of house, or please do contact me directly if you so wish.

Yours faithfully

Mr Myk Wagstaff
Assistant Principal