Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Exam Season Letter - Study Leave 2016

Dear Parent/ Carer,

You will be aware that the exam season is now in full swing. We are extremely proud of our year 11 cohort, and the mature way that they have conducted their revision and exams so far. To continue to fully support our year 11 students to achieve their very best we have made the following arrangements:

  • On Friday 27th May students will be permitted to leave the academy site once the GCSE English Literature exam is finished.
  • During Half term the following Revision sessions will be running in school:






Closed –

Bank Holiday

GCSE Maths

9am – 12pm

GCSE History


GCSE Science

9am – 12pm

GCSE History

9am – 12pm

  • Exam crams and lessons will continue as normal from Monday 6th June (after half term). An exam cram timetable is available here for your information.
  • On Friday 10th June Students will be permitted to leave the academy site once the GCSE Biology exam is finished.
  • From Friday 10th June students will commence study leave. They should continue to attend lessons for GCSE subjects until they have sat their final examination in this subject. Following the final exam in a subject students may remain at home to complete private study and revision for remaining exams.
  • Students following BTEC courses should continue to attend BTEC lessons as normal until their portfolio has been completed and signed off by the subject teacher. Again, after this point students can use the time at home to revise and prepare for remaining exams.
  • Students should continue to wear full academy uniform at all times when attending the academy, including examinations. In the past there has been a tradition of students signing shirts as a memento, students wishing to do so should bring in a spare shirt to be signed and not use the one they are wearing. As well as being against academy rules, anyone wearing a shirt with writing on will be barred from exam rooms as per the examboard guidelines.

As ever, we wish our students the very best of luck in this final round of exams and we look forward to celebrating their hard work at the leaver’s assembly, Prom and most of all on results day in August. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank parents for your continued support at home with revision and exam preparation.

Yours faithfully

Mr Myk Wagstaff