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Enrichment at OSCA

LGB: Student News- enrichment activities (because education isn’t just about the 3 Rs!!)


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  • Students attended the big bang fair in London an event about careers and futures highlighting the exciting possibilities that exist for pupils with STEM backgrounds. From meeting inspiring engineers and scientists from some of the biggest and most interesting companies in the UK the pupils got stuck in asking questions, taking part in shows and representing the school superbly.
  • Year 9 pupils are undertaking the UCAS endorsed CREST Award. The CREST award will give the pupils an opportunity to explore real-world projects in an exciting way. The four week project will allow them to work in groups independently to plan, carry out, conclude and present to an audience their chosen investigation. We look forward to their findings.
  • Our ecology lessons took a step into the community with students being taught about how to measure the flora and fauna in the local Tividale park. Students will use classic and modern techniques to measure different insect and plant species.
  • And if CSI is you thing the KS3 science club are completing a series of forensic investigations such as finger printing, fibre analysis and DNA sampling, experiencing an insight into how real world crimes could be solved.



  • On Wednesday 1st May 2013 47 Year 9 pupils attended The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton, along with Mr Bishop, Miss Cooper, Mrs Keedwell and Miss Ruth, to witness an excellent Blood Brothers performance. Having already studied the popular play by Willy Russell in English lessons, the students enjoyed the show immensely and were extremely well behaved throughout. Despite not returning to OSCA until midnight, all students spoke highly of the experience and were a credit to the Academy.
  • 8 Year 7 students have been improving their Literacy skills working with a theatre group from Birmingham. They have been time-travelling back to Australia to find out about policies of separation, read and written letters, newspaper reports, and performed as characters from the story.



  • Year 9 football team reached the 4th round of the West Midlands football competition
  • Yrs 7, 9, 10 and 11 reached the quarter finals of the Sandwell schools football cup competition
  • Yr 7s won the Sandwell schools football 5-a-side competition
  • Cricket and athletics events to begin this half term!!
  • All attitude and behaviour excellent throughout. Numerous opposing staff have commented on the excellent standard of conduct of our teams!!
  • Over 50 of our year 11 cohort have successfully completed the Sports leader Level 1 award in sports leadership and will be receiving certificates in due course. One of our students, Emily Chambers, was put forward for a special award in recognition of the great amount of effort and commitment she has given to the PE department, in particular assisting with the key stage 1 and 2 gifted and talented gym clubs that run at the academy. She has done this since she joined us way back in year 7 amongst other activities she has helped us to deliver.
  • This year’s Primary Gym and Dance Festival was a great success with approximately 200 pupils taking part and an audience of over 400 over the two nights. Burnt Tree, Grace Mary, Oakham, Rounds Green and Tividale Hall were represented by youngsters from Reception through to Year 6 and there were also performances from students in Year 11 at OSCA. As always there was a very positive and supportive feel to the whole event and everyone clearly had a very exciting and enjoyable evening.
  • The Secondary Gym and Dance Festival is scheduled for Wednesday 26th. and Thursday 27th. June, starting at 7.00.pm. All year groups at OSCA are represented and there will also be performances from pupils who attend the Primary Gifted and Talented Gym Club.
  • The academy U16 Rounders team began their league fixtures on June 7th with a game at home to Shirelands. They have regular fixtures on a Thursday with approx. 18 students regularly attending training and playing for the academy. Year 7 student Kiri Anna Simmonds is playing in competitive matches in the age group above her own due to her ability levels in this activity. The group also recently took part in the youth photography partnership activity run by Ms Gabriel. So some very good action shots were taken.
  • Boys badminton run by Mr Lovatt is gaining momentum and attracting numbers. It is a new club set up at the start of this term. The club is run on a Wednesday after school with the scope to improve skills and techniques of the young people who are interested in the sport. The club is open to the whole of year 7 and 8, and new participants are always welcome. If the current club members continue to play and improve at their current rate, then Mr Lovatt will be looking to begin playing competitively against other schools.



  • Year 9 and 10 fashion and graphics have been to visit the senior visual merchandisers at Topshop and the graphics students visited Hamleys head office to research for their GCSE coursework. This was a great opportunity for learners to see the real world of design.
  • Year 9 and 10 fashion design students are taking part in graffiti workshops and working with a local artist to create the back drop for the fashion show in July.
  • All fashion, graphics and food learners are taking part in an end of year fashion that they are organising themselves. All parents will be invited to attend the show to see their achievements.



  • 3 of our Year 8 girls have set up their own string & wind group. They are working on a repertoire of Classical & Film classics and rehearse totally independently every lunchtime. They will be ready to perform at school events soon.
  • We also have a group of very talented Rock musicians in Year 9, who have performed in previous school events as well as a few public shows. They have 2 public gigs lined up soon, one at Sandwell Valley & another at a showcase at the Coneygre Arts Centre.
  • Several of our string & wind students attend Sandwell Youth Orchestra every Saturday, where they work with young instrumentalists from other schools as well as semi-professional & professional musicians.
  • We also have a number of our Yr7, 8 & 9 instrumentalists giving up their time to welcome next year's year 7s at our Transition Event next month. They will be working with Sandwell Youth Music teachers & the event will be a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our young musicians and also help promote their leadership & mentoring skills.
  • In addition to the many talented instrumentalists, we have two budding producers in Year 7s who attend our production club after school every Thursday. We are hoping that soon they will be working in collaboration with our musicians to enable us to set up our own OSCA record label.


Extended Services

  • Capturing the Curriculum (project funded by Sandwell MBC): OSCA photography students are working with English, Science and P.E to capture our curriculum outdoors in Tividale Park.

•Science club will become ecologists looking at the flora and fauna of the park.

•English will be performing a play and displaying poetry

•PE will hold an afterschool rounders club

  • Challenge: 8 of our Year 11 young people have signed up for The Challenge. The Challenge is an exciting, unique opportunity for 16 – 17year olds in the summer after they have completed their exams. The Challenge is part of National Citizen Service (NCS), a government-funded programme.
  • Beneath You're Beautiful: 26 Young Ladies and 1 young man, took part in our beauty workshops to show them how to apply natural flawless makeup for school.



  • In June, 27 year 10 Geography students braved the poor weather to collect primary data for their Controlled assessment. With measuring tapes, clinometers, stop watches and dog biscuits they set out to prove that a river's cross-section changes along its course.
  • Year 12 students recently had the opportunity to visit Wolverhampton University, where they had a tour of the campus and experienced talks focused on various subject areas. The students received information on student life at the university and gained insight knowledge on how to structure a personal statement to engage to university admissions tutors. The main objective of the day was to start the students of thinking about their career paths and what targets they need to set themselves over the next few months in order to achieve their goal. The day was designed to help them plan their career research. Students’ behaviour and attitude were exemplary and we received positive feedback from the university staff involved.
  • On July 2nd the 6th form child development group will be taking part in a visit to "THE QUEST" at The Merry Hill Centre. Here they will assess and evaluate physical play opportunities from 1-3 years and 3-8, this is in line with their current assignment.
  • The MFL department is pleased to be establishing a languages club, every Wednesday lunchtime. Students are getting an enormous amount out of their 'fou de français' (mad about French) activities, including making podcasts about their home town, and interactive online language games. Word is beginning to spread. Vive club OSCA MFL!
  • 6 pupils from Picasso House were sent to Krunch and did a project about the park, with the local police, youth workers and Councillors. They produced a song and recording it about entitled 'staying safe'
  • The Learning Consultants, part of OSCA's Student Voice, are gradually beginning to be twinned with departments around the school. They arrange meetings with the HODs to ask them about the good learning and exciting events that are going on in their department as well as observing a lesson. They then write all this up as blogs for the school website. Last term they wrote blogs for Humanities, Technology and English. More Learning Consultants have been recruited this term to help to expand the project.


M. McMahon

June 2013