Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Duke of Edinburgh

Thirty-nine Year 10 students invaded Kinver on May 7th and 8th during a preparatory camping trip. The trip was in preparation for their Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition. The students walked in teams of 14 with supporting staff members up to peaks and across the fields, hiking for 10 hours over the two days.

At camp, pupils worked in teams of two and three to practice their camping craft - setting up their tents, cooking creative meals for their tea and supper. During the night they took shelter for a brief (yet torrential) downpour, enjoyed a campfire and built on their sense of community and teamwork.

This camping trip allowed them the environment needed to hone their camp craft, orienteering and cooperative communication skills. Only a short 3 weeks later, the group traversed the Clent and Lickie Hills. This time in proper DofE regulated grouping - with no more than 7 members to a team and a gradual release to remote supervision. Once again, the group was favoured by the weather gods and graced with exceptional sunshine - again with the exception of gale force winds in the heart of the night (a true testament to their camping abilities, as all tents were still standing securely come morning).

All participants have successfully completed their Practice Expedition component of their Bronze award and are ready and waiting for their final assessed expedition in September.