Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Brief Update

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I just wanted to keep you informed that, as you may already have heard by now, we were the victim of the gale force winds today. Unfortunately, one of our trees blew over. Fortunately, there were several staff on regular duty, and several more quickly on the scene. The area was already cordoned off due to the new grass growing anyway, so there was no one in the immediate vicinity. We quickly moved any students nearby well away from the area, and kept the whole area out of bounds. We also immediately called a tree surgeon to check all other trees in the area. He arrived soon afterwards, and has confirmed that the tree that fell was a bit decayed, but that all the other trees in the area are safe.

Clearly, we cannot predict when natural accidents might happen, but I am pleased our emergency procedures were immediately and effectively implemented, and that no-one was hurt. Back to business as usual tomorrow therefore! Best wishes,

Ms McMahon