Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Aimhigher Design and Engineering Trip Success

Once again OSCA students have done a great job at representing the academy, this time by engaging in an interactive day surrounding pathways into design and engineering.

Students from Y8-Y11 visited WSP today, one of Europe’s largest design and engineering firms. Here they took part in practical sessions in which they planned and ‘built’ their own school. First students had to decide on the location, taking into account geographical factors and plotting the catchment areas of other schools. They then got to experiment by budgeting for and building their own drainage system with straws and connectors (many a leak seen).

Students built their structures by purchasing supplies (straws and Sellotape) to see who could build the most stable structure to hold the most weight.  The winning team (Cordelia Collins, Jessica Brueton, Amit Singh, David Lengert, and Thomas Bennett) built a TWO story structure that could hold six Twixes (more impressive than it sounds) - see picture.

The students behaviour and engagement in the sessions was impeccable, and all seemed to really enjoy it. We’ve left with a better understanding of the different stages involved in town planning and careers in architectural engineering!