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Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Additional Science Support

Dear Parents

Re: Science Additional Science Support and Formal Assessments

Your child’s GCSE science examinations will begin soon. I am writing to let you know about important dates relating to science study support and formal assessments that will be offered to your child, in preparation for this.

Key Formal Assessment Dates:
Thursday 22nd March: Biology A /Chemistry A/ Physics A

Thursday 19th April:   Biology B/ Chemistry/ Physics B
Thursday 3rd May:   Biology C/ Chemistry C/ Physics C – Final Assessment Dates

Your child has already been given information explaining how the above relates to the different sections of the specification.

In addition to the internal formal assessment dates shown above, your child will also be given the opportunity to attend additional study sessions to help improve their study skills and also to aid their understanding of key topics. Your child’s GCSE science examinations will formally begin on 15th May.

The dates of the additional study sessions being offered by the science team are shown below:

Saturday 7th April 9- 12 noon

Wednesday 11th April 9-12.30

Thursday 12th April 9- 12.30

We will send you future details relating to the specific groups that we are targeting by text message.

We hope that your child is using their time wisely in the final weeks prior to their examinations and hope that they are using their revision guides/specifications/notes/online support and flash cards to help them in their studies.

Teachers are also emailing students with links to examination practice questions (and answers).  Please ensure that your child is engaging with this as this is a valuable way that children can learn important techniques and become more familiar with the language of examinations.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely

Julie Anderson
Senior Leader: Science