Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy



As part of our responsibility to develop the holistic child we encourage students to learn about, and explore, spiritual, moral, social and cultural ideas; so students at OSCA can be self reflective and have an understanding of local, national and global communities.

Spiritual ideas would include learning about and reflecting on the experiences of others – including their faiths, beliefs and values.

Moral education would include recognizing right and wrong as well as understanding consequences

Exploring social issues would include British values of tolerance, respect, law and democracy, as well as appreciating diverse points of view

Cultural education will enable students to understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity

At OSCA we will develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness of our pupils:  

  • By encouraging reflection, self-evaluation, good conduct and an ethos of respect at    all times
  • Through our assembly calendar. In assemblies we will explore a diverse range of topics, themes and ideas such as human rights, bullying and remembrance. Assemblies will be informative, engaging and thought provoking.
  •  Learning 4 Success (L4S) sessions - which will develop an understanding of ourselves and others. Students will explore key issues such as healthy lifestyles and current affairs from their own point of view and from the perspectives of others’. They will also have opportunities for self-reflection
  • In lessons - where applicable and relevant to the subject and topics being taught.
  • During L4S days – where key themes such as enterprise are explored in depth
  • Through the use of external speakers and agencies
  • Through educational trips, visits and experiences
  • Through reference to, and celebration of, a number of religious and non religious festivals throughout the school year


SMSC Curriculum Overview

British Values Curriculum Overview