Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Curriculum Overview

At OSCA we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to students in each key stage, ensuring that the needs of each individual student are met through our subject offer, support systems for SEN and More Able/ G & T students and our pastoral systems.


Years 7 and 8:

In years 7 and 8 we offer a curriculum in line with the National Curriculum.  All students will study Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, RE, Design Technology, PE, Art, Music, Dance and Drama.  All students, except those with specific Literacy needs, also study French. 

PHSE and Citizenship are delivered through a variety of means including assemblies; our mixed aged L4S tutor led sessions and collapsed timetable days. In addition, many aspects of Citizenship will also be addressed throughout the curriculum.

Our L4S programme also enables the needs of the students to be met in respect of ‘sex and relationships’ and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) issues.


Years 9,10 and 11

At OSCA, we start our Key Stage 4 curriculum in year 9 to offer all students the maximum amount of time to achieve the full award in all courses studied.

Year 9 is a foundation year where students will develop the skills needed to be successful in their KS4 qualifications.

All students study Maths, English, Science and PE as discrete Subjects

We offer a very broad range of subjects including both GCSEs and vocational qualifications in our Options Pathways.  Students will be guided through these pathways based on prior attainment and progress. 

RE in KS4 is delivered in a similar manner to Citizenship/PSHE in KS3, through a range of activities.  The needs of the agreed local standards are met with this approach and again, those students wishing to work towards a qualification in RE have the opportunity to do so through our Options Programme. 

Our L4S programme, including the collapsed timetable days, also enables the delivery of sex and relationships education and other aspects of SMSC/IAG.

All Students, will however continue to access elements of ICT throughout the curriculum.


Year 10 Options
Year 11 Options