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The Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy will be committed to a fully inclusive vision that will transform learning, extend opportunity, raise aspirations and standards and place it at the heart of the regeneration of its community. The Academy will also play a significant role in the realisation of the Sandwell Partnership Vision for 2021, through fostering a ‘can do/will do’ culture of achievement that will address and overcome the significant barriers to success that presently exist in the Tividale district. In particular, the Academy will challenge low aspiration and self esteem, in a community in which levels of poor health, unemployment, English as an additional language and NEET teenagers are all higher than national averages, by providing an inspirational learning environment which nurtures confidence and achievement through collaborative community endeavour. The Academy will meet all the expectations for the Twenty First century school.

The Academy, and the Ormiston Trust, its sponsor, totally embrace an agenda where every child matters, which will provide the foundation for the academic, vocational, social, moral and spiritual development of students in such a way that they will emerge as independent, responsible, cooperative and well presented young people, ready to be good citizens and to make a positive contribution to their community and society. Through this commitment to the development of the whole person, the students’ personal and social skills, sense of enquiry, and their resilience and capacity to adopt a healthy lifestyle and face life challenges with confidence will emerge.

The Academy will provide a child centred and personalised learning environment, removing barriers to learning with an imaginative curriculum and the use of best and innovative practice to transform learning and teaching. By broadening horizons, raising expectations and enhancing students’ self confidence as successful learners, both now and also in the future, the Academy will narrow the gap in levels of achievement historically associated with areas of high disadvantage. Students will be active partners in their learning, as will their parents and members of the wider community, and will be empowered by a learning culture in which everyone feels they can succeed and knows will receive praise and recognition for their achievements. High quality Continuous Professional Development for all staff and innovative use of staffing and curriculum organisation will ensure that all students have the opportunity to work alongside experienced, highly skilled and inspirational adults and the Academy’s aim to become the first school of choice for families in its community will be realised.

All students need to develop excellence in their core skills of reading, literacy and numeracy as well as in their social skills of teamwork and leadership, and these skills will be reinforced across the curriculum and also through close liaison with partner primary schools to ensure a seamless transition between the different phases of education. The students will have full access to the new technologies, including digital media, to both enhance their learning and also prepare them for the information and communication technology challenges of a rapidly changing society. All students will have every opportunity to achieve standards that match their potential and are reflected both in public examination success and also their ability to be effective lifelong learners, thus adding value to their life chances.

The Academy will be a vibrant community based on good relationships between its members, and student behaviour which comes from mutual respect, empathy, tolerance of diversity, fairness and justice. Shared values will come from an agreed academy ethos and morality, with student voice fully involved in setting and maintaining these principles, and all possible opportunities being available to develop student leadership skills. Care, guidance and support will always be there, and related to individuals, with a special concern that all potentially vulnerable families, students, or groups of students do not face any inequality of access, opportunity or outcome, and it will be a community where all students feel safe and wish to attend each day.

The Academy and the Ormiston Trust believe that its total commitment to raising standards and improving performance will be best realised through collaboration and partnership with families and the wider community. Cooperation and interaction with all stakeholders will create a community pride in its academy and a desire to be involved in its work. In addition, key partnerships with other organisations such as those in further and higher education, industry and the public sector will offer further opportunities to enhance learning and add to work related and enterprise education, supportive careers advice, and the development of economic well being and independence. The Academy will access best practice in a range of specialisms through the Ormiston Network of academies, and the strengths of our Academy will similarly contribute to the improvement of others, so that this close collaboration of Ormiston Academies will provide a gateway to achievement.

The Ormiston Trust also has a specific commitment to the development of the Extended School whereby, using the resources of the Academy and also the community, there will be programmes and activities provided for students, their families and the wider community which support community cohesion, learning and enjoyment.