Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Sandwell SMBC Survey

Sandwell SMBC are doing a piece of work around how our Sandwell young people are leaving education and if they’re tenancy ready.

Some our students will, at some point become Sandwell SMBC tenants and they’d like to know if they understand what it is like to be a tenant, what their responsibilities could be and how the financial side of things could affect them. We’d like to give them some information about:

  • What kind of accommodation could be available for them
  • What kind of property would they like
  • How can we listen to young people better in the future?
  •  How can young people help us to improve our services and the communities that we live in?
  • Do they understand the way the rental market and, social housing in particular, works?


Sandwell MBC are trying to get as many views from Sandwell people as possible and they would really appreciate it if as many pupils and parents as possible to complete the  survey below.