Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Aimhigher Trip to Aston Hall

On Wednesday 31st January 9 Year 9 Students embarked on an Aimhigher Trip to Aston Hall.

The 9 students have recently completed an 8 week Aimhigher Coaching Programme, taught by a student from Birmingham City University. The project aimed to develop their independent living skills, and yesterdays trip was the culmination to celebrate all their hard work.

Across the course of the project, the students got to plan their day - deciding where they would go, how they would get there, and ultimately, how they would spend their budget. The students settled on Aston Hall, planned a public transport route from OSCA to to the venue (on foot, buses and trains), and then decided on a £5 lunch budget to spend at Tesco's after our tour.

Students enjoyed catching public transport (one hadn't been on a train since they were 6), taking ownership of their day, engaging with the Aston Hall Tour, but most importantly, choosing their lunch. Notably - Tinotenda, who managed to spend exactly £5.00 on an absolute stash of food!!

All in all we had a great day, and I think it was a really valuable opportunity for these students to practice some of the skills they've been focusing on during the project. Students behaviour was impeccable throughout, a real credit to the school.

Thank you Mandy for stepping in to support the trip, and OSCA, for allowing us the opportunity to do it!